About Us

We believe that every person needs to live a healthy life…

We believe in a cancer free world…

We believe that everyone needs access to quality information…

It is for precisely this reason that we developed Compute Against Cancer.

Compute Against Cancer is an online resource center that seeks to tap into the knowledge and insight of health practitioners with an interest in cancer, researchers in cancer treatment and technology, nutritionists offering alternative solutions to cancer treatment and people infected or affected by cancer. We want to share stories of triumph, motivation, hope and resilience from around the globe and we want to hear new and unique perspectives.

We aim to be the leading internet resource for information on health and cancer through making our content informative, relevant, concise and most importantly accurate and verifiable. We want to be the go-to directory for readers looking for quality information.

Our team is made up of individuals passionate about health, with a specific interest in cancer and hopeful that all forms of cancer will be defeated during our lifetime.

Join us in this mission, engage us, challenge us and help us transform our world through knowledge and information.

The Compute Against Cancer Team.