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Breast Cancer – 6 signs you shouldn’t ignore

Statistics indicate that about 25 to 35 per cent of women globally are known to suffer from breast cancer. It is believed that these cancer related health problems are a result of the unhealthy lifestyles of the modern woman characterized by stress, poor eating habits, irregular sleeping hours and late pregnancies.

Health practitioners specializing in breast cancer treatment are confident that if detected at an early stage, the disease is curable. Here are 6 symptoms of breast cancer that you should look out for to help with early detection.


#1 Hard lumps in your breast

It is recommended that both men and women should make it a point to self-examine their breasts as often as possible. A presence of a hard and painless lump in either or both of your breasts means it is time for you to get amammography done.


#2 Aslight hardening in an area of your breast

This mainly presents itself by some sort of hardening in only one area of your breast which ends up feeling different from the rest of the breast. When you notice the onset of such a symptom don’t ignore it, get checked out pronto as it could be a symptom of breast cancer.


#3 A discharge from yournipple

Generally, unless you are pregnant or lactating, your nipples should never have any form of discharge. So, if you notice any form of fluid or blood stained discharge coming from your nipples, then it may be a symptom of breast cancer therefore you need to see your doctor as soon as possible.


#4 A change in the shape of your nipples

This is a sign that you will definitely notice if you do frequent self-examinations on your breasts. Anytime you notice either a change in the direction your nipple is pointing or an inward pull in your nipple, then there is definitely a problem. Normally, healthy nipples always face outwards.


#5 Achange in the texture of the skin on your breasts

In normal circumstances, the texture of the skin around your breast is meant to be flexible and soft. Therefore, any changes in this texture is an indication ofa warning sign. When your skin starts feeling thick and hard, then it’s time to consult a health practitioner.


#6 Knots forming in your arm pits

Generally, the human body has lymph nodes under the armpits which often get inflamed during an infection. However, if you notice the presence of slightly hard knots under your armpits that are painful to touch, then this could be a sign of breast cancer.

info3 - Breast Cancer - 6 signs you shouldn't ignore
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Oncologists agree that the best way to detect breast cancer is to ensure that you get your regular breast examinations. Most of it can be done through self-examination but it is often advisable to visit a health practitioner.

We will share more about self-examination in our next post.

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